Directors Acknowledgments - September 2017

Dear Students and Parents & Guardians of RTCC Students:

You'll find a lot of important information in the paragraphs below. Please take the time to scroll through and read any and all information that's pertinent to you and your student(s)!

What a great start to the school year!

We are extremely lucky to have three new faculty members with us: Environmental Resource Management (Maxwell Van Houten); Advanced Manufacturing- for 2018 (Kevin O’Connell); Criminal Justice (John Lacey); and a new Guidance Coordinator (Jennefer Jolls). All four have jumped right into their roles, as well as made contributions to the rest of our team.

As a Center, we have worked hard over the summer initiating new strategies to support all of our students. For example, New Student Orientation night, where 45 students arrived with their families to meet and greet their instructor. A Program Support Team to identify struggling students and ideas on ways to support them. And we have developed Program Maps for students to create a plan of action that leads towards career or post-secondary placement. For the first time we plan on having a Senior Technical Project night for students, parents, and guardians to explain the expectations surrounding Sr. Tech Project. An invitation will be sent out the week of September 8th.

During the first week of school, students and staff began the process of team building, learning about equipment and safety procedures, and memorizing their schedules. I was encouraged by the new friendships that were beginning to form, and watching second year students beginning to mentor first year students -- all of which creates a positive climate for learning. We are off to a great beginning.

I am a huge advocate for career and college preparation, so I hope you will take a couple of minutes to read a fantastic article I found in Education Weekly Online outlining 13 Career areas that schools should be preparing students for. You'll find the article in the "documents box" to the left, and if you notice, RTCC serves all 13 career pathways. You might also be interested to learn just how many Industry Recognized Credentials ("IRCs") RTCC students earn in a given year. You can find that information in the "document box" s well.

RTCC is no longer the “vocational center of the 1980’s” but rather a college and career placement center that helps students find a path after high school graduation. We are determined and focused to support your student in creating their plan.

Reminders and General Information

Attire - Students need to be dressed appropriately for their program. In a shop or mechanical program there are no open toed shoes. Clothing should be worn to keep a student safe. Students need to wear clothing without inappropriate language, pictures of weapons, alcoholic beverages, or extreme rips & tears. In a program that is classroom based, clothing should be semi-professional. RTCC wants students to model professional attitudes, attire, and be ready for workforce.

Parking - We have limited parking spaces and they are reserved for students who are on Co-op, and work right after school. Your student is encouraged to take the bus provided by their sending school. Students who park without permits will be asked to move their vehicle and may face discipline. When driving while in the parking lot and leaving school property it is vital students do not rev their engines, tap bumpers, & peel out- doing so will cause a student to lose driving privileges. We ask that students have no inappropriate stickers on their vehicles. RTCC is across the street from Randolph Elementary School, and we want the younger students to feel safe. Please see the Student Handbook on our website for more information.

Driving other students - We take your student’s safety seriously and ask that students do not drive other students without the written permission of a parent/guardian/immediate family member. Please complete the “Permission to Drive Form” when we send it home.

Who to Contact at RTCC when you have a question?

  • Questions around attendance, permission to leave early, day to day scheduling, Power School Passwords, please contact Brenda or Kelly in the office at 802-728-9595
  • Questions about college planning, VSAC, Financial Aid, SAT, PSAT, Accuplacer, Dual Enrollment, On Line Learning, Transcripts, Credits, schedules, and social behavior please contact Jennefer Jolls Guidance Counselor at 802-728-9595 X 407
  • Questions about Work Based Learning and co-op, Scholarships, Personal Inventory Assessments like ASVAB, and Career Planning please contact Jason Finley at 802-728-9595 X405
  • Questions about Students who are on service plans and or academic or program support would be directed to Michael Abadi at 802-728-9595 X424
  • Questions about daily life, schedule, grades, and classroom based information would be directed to the program teacher. Please start with them for direct information about your student.
  • Questions about any of the above, or something different please contact Jason Gingold, Director at 802-728-9595 X403

We are committed to making the 2017-2018 school year a positive and rewarding experience for everyone who joins our growing family!

Jason Gingold, Director