Diesel Technology

Diesel Technology

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Instructor: Chuck Lyman


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The Diesel Technology program provides students with the opportunity to learn about Diesel Technology and to demonstrate that knowledge through a variety of projects and written assignments.

Through a combination of classroom, online, and off campus studies, students have the opportunity to work with customers, suppliers, and other professionals.

During the 2016-17 school year, students in the Diesel Tech program earned a combined total of 256 certificates from recognized and respected providers such as Meritor and PB Blaster - the same certificates that are earned by diesel mechanics that work in the industry.

Recently, RTCC's Diesel Tech program became the only diesel tech program in the state to be certified by Freightliner, through its Freightliner of NH dealership.

Accoring to Program Instructor Chuck Lyman, starting pay for students graduating with a degree in diesel technology is over $50,000 per year, and it is predicted there will be 200 openings for diesel tech grads in Vermont alone over the coming decade.

The Diesel Tech program culminates with an intensive, individualized project that tests students’ learning and acquired knowledge.

College Credit and Industry Certifications: Students completing the program can earn up to 6 college credits at Vermont Technical College in the following dual enrollment courses: DSL 1020, Diesel Power Systems (3 credits); and DSL 1040, Basic Electricity and Electrical Systems (3 credits). They can also take up to 4 ASE Certification Exams and earn advanced placement and 12 credits in Ohio Tech’s Diesel Program. Students are also able to train and test for the National Automotive Student Skills Standards Assessment in Medium/Heavy Diesel systems.

After the Program: Graduates of the Diesel Technology program are prepared to enter a two- or four-year college program. Past students have attended Vermont Technical College, Ohio Technical College, University of Northwestern Ohio, Advanced Welding Institute, and the Universal Technical Institute. They have also entered the workforce as diesel truck technicians, heavy equipment operators, welders/fabricators, automotive technicians, shop foremen, and parts specialists.

Interests and Attitudes: Students applying to the Diesel Technology program should be interested in careers as diesel technicians, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers or related occupations; a desire to learn real-life skills related to Diesel Technology theory and application; a commitment to completing all assigned coursework; a willingness to engage in applied technical projects as well as significant classroom instruction; and an ability to exhibit initiative, responsibility, and accountability.