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Instructor: Carlos Diaz
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Breaking News! Digital Film Students Take Gold Medal at Skills USA. See their winning video HERE, and watch the interview HERE.

We've also just posted a new video of the Construction Trades Management students building a timberframe structure...and we added a few fun touches of our own! Check it out!

The Digital Filmmaking program exposes students to a wide range of video projects, providing them with the opportunity to produce a number of videos including narrative films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, video journalism, or web series. Within these projects, students are given the opportunity to perform each of the production functions. Beyond these real world projects, students read (or watch) and analyze articles, movie scenes, and entire films.Graduates of the program are prepared to enter a two- or four-year college program in the film or communications field.

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While covering a full curriculum of content specific to this trade, students will be trained and assessed in accordance with Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs). For more information on Proficiency Based Learning, visit the VT Agency of Education’s website at:

Career opportunities include:

Film directors
Assistant editors
Camera operators
Grips and film set Pas
Sound engineers
Boom operators

Average salaries for Digital Film grads:

Film Director - $92,200
Camera Operator - $48,300
Assistant Film Editor - $41,200
Film Editor - $66,000
Grips - $37,000
Sound Engineers - $56,100
Boom Operator - $36,000
Actors/Actresses (starting) - $41,000

Community Partners / Employers:

Orca Media
The Point Radio

College Credit and Industry Certifications:

Students completing the program have the opportunity to earn the following college credits: at Castleton State College, COM 1211, Video Workshop I (3 credits); at Community College of Vermont, FLM 1050, Introduction to Filmmaking, (3 credits). The program may soon offer students certification in Adobe Creative Suite

Students can earn certification in Davinci Resolve

Past students have attended PRATT Institute, RISD, Mass College of Art, USC & Savannah College of Art and Design

Interests and Attitudes:

Students applying to the program should possess a desire to learn about and practice visual storytelling, filmmaking techniques, and other computer technology, film theory, and journalism; they should have an interest in exploring a career in the filmmaking or television industry and an ability to work as a team player in a fast-paced environment; and a commitment to taking advantage of new learning opportunities.