OSSD Elementary Covid-19 updates

OSSD Elementary Covid-19 updates

Updates regarding the OSSD's COVID-19 plans and directives with regard to Elementary School activities and distance learning will be posted here on a daily basis.
Update 5/29: Letter from the Elementary Principals
Update 4/17: Letter from the Elementary Principals
Update 4/10: Letter from the Elementary Principals
Update 4/6: Note from the Brookfield Free Public Library
Update 4/6: Note from the Principals
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Governor Phil Scott has announced that schools will remain closed for the balance of the school year. Click here to read the full press release regarding school closure from the Governor's office: Schools Closed for Balance of School Year

Food Distribution Update
The food distribution team is here to serve all OSSD students.  Students will simply need to provide their name at the time of pick up.

You may pick up food at any of our locations between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. Please go to the one nearest your home. Food may be picked up at Braintree Elementary School (11 - noon only), Brookfield Elementary School and Randolph Union High School.  The food is for any of the district’s students. Food distribution will end on June 17th, the last day of school.
Child Care Update:
Our emergency childcare team is now in place and will be providing free childcare for local health care workers, police, ambulance personnel, town wastewater workers, and road crews beginning Thursday, March 19th and ending June 17th. This service is restricted to these categories of workers.

The childcare service will run from 6:45 am – 3:45 pm and will be provided at Randolph Elementary School.
If you have questions please contact Pat Miller at 802-728-9555 or pmiller@orangesouthwest.org
Distance Learning Update:

On an ongoing basis, there will electronic and postal mailings outlining student work and tasks for the next two weeks. Each grade level will provide a suggested daily schedule/routine for students at home, with recommendations for time on various tasks/subjects. There will also be tech support for students and parents doing online work.
Students will receive regular communication - more than once a week - via phone or email from their elementary teacher, RU advisory, or RTCC program instructor. This Friday’s communication will include information about Chromebook pick-up opportunities, and info about Chromebook filters. Teachers will announce office hours so that students will know how and when they can be contacted.
Parents - it is vital that you assist us in this work. Together we can do this and do it well.  Please ensure your students are doing the work that is assigned to them and encourage them to reach out if they are having difficulties. 
Special Education Update:
Please know that the information below may change on a daily basis, as we receive more guidance from the federal and state government(s).
While the schools are closed, students will be provided with remote support via online conferencing, phone, email, or any other services found to be suitable by your child’s provider.  For those students who have specialized services (e.g. occupational therapy, speech therapy, one-to-one paraprofessional) that cannot be provided remotely, they will be provided with compensatory services after this crisis has ended.  We do not want to put your child or the teachers at risk by having them physically meet during this time.
Lastly, when things return to normal, all students on educational plans will be evaluated by their respective teams and compensatory services will be provided if needed and as determined by the team.
Again, this may change as further guidance is provided from the various agencies that oversee these types of services.
Guidance and Counseling Services:
The OSSD guidance team has been working overtime to support students and families during this time of closure and uncertainty. 
Adjustment and support counselors are reaching out to those on their caseloads and will provide services via phone or video chat.  RTCC and School Guidance counselors are sending out messages to all the district families on how students can access their services until schools are back in session.  Course planning, general counseling and connecting to counseling groups are all still possible.
Given that this can be a stressful time for both students and their families, help is available through these 24-hour resources to all members of our communities.
Text “VT” to 741741 from anywhere, anytime, about any crisis.
You can also call your local Mental Health Center:
Orange county: 800-639-6360
Windsor county: 800-622-4235
Washington county: 802-229-0591