Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

November 27:  Education and Social Services will be using the College and Career Lab for Basic Specialized Care Training. 

November 30:  Gates Belts and Hoses will be using the College and Career Lab for a workshop with the Diesel and Auto Tech programs.

December 1:  Building Trades will have a guest speaker in the College and Career Lab

December 15: Tech Project & Career Portfolio 2nd Assessment

December 11-15: RTCC presentation to RUHS 9th & 10th Graders

January 5: Tech Project & Career Portfolio 3rd  Assessment

January 15: In Service at RTCC

January 26: Tech Project & Career Portfolio 4th Assessment

February 14 & 21: VSBDC Entrepreneurship Course at RTCC 8:15-2:45 (Students must apply)

February 16: Tech Project & Career Portfolio 5th Assessment

February 23: RTCC Winter Picnic Lunch

April 1: 6th SKILLS USA Competition

May 24: RTCC NTHS Awards Night 7:00 PM