interact kids

Interact: How do we ensure that vulnerable of our community members get what they need?

Lead Partner: Scott Sorrell  (Social Studies Standards)

We all have the power to enact positive social change, no matter what our individual situations may be. In this PBL Challenge, we will work in partnership with the RU Interact club, and we will fulfill the club’s mission to implement one local and one international service project (other projects will be determined by student interest). But, we will not just do the work. We will look below the surface, follow the trail, and investigate the organizations and people who we are working for.

This PBL Challenge encourages students to take what they know about the world and their passions, and connect it to their strengths, skills, and futures to challenge themselves to grow. Students who have experience with nonprofit work and a commitment to working outside of school hours are encouraged to apply. 

Career Pathways: This challenge will appeal to students interested in career fields such as social work, general management, international affairs, political science, and business, as well as a wide variety of career placements in non-government organizations.