Movement Exploration

Movement Exploration

Movement Exploration: How do we create an active mindset to sustain an active lifestyle?

Lead Partner: Hayley Quinones

Physical Education Elective

Description: While most of us agree that an active lifestyle is important for our physical and mental health, many of us struggle to maintain an active lifestyle throughout our lives. If we know that there are myriad physical and mental health benefits to taking care of ourselves, why is it so difficult to do what we know is best for our minds and bodies? In this PBL Challenge, we will explore the barriers to sustaining an active lifestyle, researching and discovering tools and strategies to share with the school and local community. We will meet with experts in fields such as physical training and mindfulness to attempt to find a balance and create models and plans that can be adopted by others, no matter what their physical and mindfulness challenges may be. Crucial to our time together will be a commitment to exploring our own relationships with selfcare, using action research to begin with ourselves and then branch out to the school and local community.

Career Pathways: This PBL Challenge will appeal to those students interested in career fields such as physical education, physical training, physical therapy, mindfulness, nutrition, kinesthetics, and others.