Introducing RTCC's New One-Plus-One Program

A new concept in Career Education

In conjunction with the Flexible Pathways Act, the Randolph Technical Career Center is expanding its choice of program options to improve student outcomes after graduation from high school.

Our unique “1+1” program is designed to help students pursue specific college or career goals by combining the knowledge and experience gained from two different, but related, RTCC programs. Students would take one program during their junior year, then transition into a second program in their senior year.

By packaging the opportunities and outcomes of two distinct and focused programs, students will be in a better position to succeed in college or in their chosen career.

For example, a student might take Building Trades during their junior year, and Business Management as a senior. Following graduation, they might work as an intern at a construction firm, eventually moving into a full-time position; or enroll in Vermont Technical College’s Construction Management Program, and from there springboard into a career in any number of construction related fields. The end result of either path is a working knowledge of the construction industry and the business skills needed to advance and succeed in that field.

The “1+1” initiative allows sugstudents to design a career or college path without limiting their outcomes. In fact, students would have more choices after graduation because their learning, and proficiency in their studies, would reflect their strengths, interests, and a course of study chosen to accommodate both.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities available through our “1+1” program, schedule a time to come visit, meet with our students and program instructors, or even spend a day with us. It’s your future ... make it what you want.

There are many benefits to completing 2 different programs:

  • The ability to earn up to 12 dual-enrollment credits at participating colleges and universities, compared to the six available in a traditional high school program.
  • The opportunity to earn a “double major” certi cate from RTCC, opening the door to a potentially greater number (and size) of college scholarships, putting a college degree within reach.
  • The opportunity for students to earn ve or more di erent industry-recognized credentials during their course of study.

Come find out what RTCC’s “1 + 1” Program can do for you!