Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

RU principals Elijah Hawkes and Caty SuttonWelcome to Randolph Union High School

Dear RU Students, Families, and Neighbors,
It is with hope and excitement that we look forward to the coming school year.  The idealism, compassion, playfulness and work ethic of this community’s children are powerful forces for good in our world.  We are privileged to work with and for these young people and the many Central Vermont towns from which they come.

As the 2019-20 school year progresses, we will continue, as we did last year, to share information with families and caregivers through daily/email announcements and a weekly update from the principal’s desk. If you are not a member of our school community, we invite you to come shadow us for a day...see for yourself what an exciting place of learning we are. You can learn more about scheduling a tour or visit here.

Important note: the 2020-2021 school choice application and program information is now available in the documents box to the left.

This year, we are excited about a number of new initiatives and activities that we believe will support our mission of preparing students for the next stages of their lives, including:

  • New course offerings on tap this year, such as “Intro to Coding” and “Coding 1” and “Robotics.”  We also have some new electives in the Project Based Learning Lab: “Inequality and the Environment” and “Mindfulness and Movement.”  And there are new classes called “Y-Lab”, a pre-tech offering geared to grades 9 and 10 (offered at RTCC) focused on applied STEM learning and career pathways. (Check out our course catalog for a full listing of offerings this year.)
  • The RU Innovation Center: A brand new state-of-the-art center for applied learning that has been built right here at RU in the fine arts wing.  Last year, students and teachers began using the center to access traditional, power, and high tech tools - like a laser cutter and digital printer - to bring special projects to life. This year, the space will be used as an applied learning lab for courses across all grade levels, whether it’s a course in engineering, robotics, geometry, fine arts, science or humanities courses.  We’re very excited to see the project outcomes resulting from our students’ time in the “IC” and we anticipate some very creative work this year.

We’d also like to share our theme for the upcoming school year, modeled after the motto that graces our Vermont State flag: “Freedom and Unity.”  As we explore this theme in our assemblies, advisory, and classes this year, and we will be asking ourselves to consider important questions, like:

  • How am I free, as an individual?
  • How are we united, as a group, community, nation?
  • Do I become more or less free when I join in unity with others? 
  • How is my freedom intertwined with yours?  

We will start the school year with thoughts and reflections on these ideas, and as the weeks and months go by, we will take time in assemblies and school wide discussions to explore what “Freedom and Unity” really mean to us.  Civil rights activist Fanny Loy Hammer once said, “Nobody is free until everybody is free.” Everybody’s life and liberty matters, and no life is disposable.

With help from our student-led Racial Justice Alliance, the work of our new Rowland Fellow Emily Therrien, and ongoing forums with the community, we look forward to a year of growth, enrichment, and learning.
All in all, we’re energized and excited about the year ahead. We welcome the input, involvement, and opinions of our local community and beyond.  Please feel free to contact either of us at any time.

For school choice information, and a listing of our faculty and staff, click on the appropriate link in the "documents" box to the left.

For the faculty and staff,

T. Elijah Hawkes - Principal
Caty Sutton – Associate Principal