Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

RU principals Elijah Hawkes and Caty SuttonWelcome to Randolph Union High School

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The community’s children have returned to school and here at Randolph Union we are both excited and grateful: excitedm for the fond reunions and new relationships that will begin, and grateful for the privilege of belonging to the village that is raising and educating these young people.

This year, a total of eleven towns have families choosing to send students to Randolph Union. They are drawn to our school for many different reasons, each of which should make the community proud:

College portfolio & preparation: RU graduates are accepted to a wide array of colleges, including our nation’s most highly selective schools. Our counselors work closely with students to find the right fit. In the last four years, the schools our graduates are attending include: an array of state colleges; larger state universities such as UMASS Amherst, University of Maine and UVM; smaller private schools such as Bard, Hamilton, Hampshire, Macalester, Middlebury, Norwich; and larger private schools such as Columbia, Syracuse, Pratt School of Design, McGill University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Close ties with RTCC: Sharing a campus with the Randolph Technical and Career Center has countless benefits, among them early exposure of students to the programs and, once enrolled, close collaboration with RTCC guidance and administration to ensure student success.

Advanced Placement courses: RU offers AP classes in World and US History, Literature, Composition, Biology, Physics, and Calculus.  Results from last year include scores we can be very proud of, as well as areas where we need to improve.  But our scores were almost as good as you can get: all 5s and 4s!  

Drama, Athletics, and Clubs:  RU offers more varsity athletic teams than schools of similar size, from basketball, baseball and soccer, to volleyball, gymnastics, bowling – and more.  Our drama program produces three powerful performances each year.  Other clubs include: Marching Band, National Honor Society, Interact, Poetry, Mountain Biking, and Robotics.  

International Exchange: In addition to hosting exchange students each year from Europe, Asia, South America or Africa, RU has annual travel and learning opportunities with sister schools in Japan, Germany, and Nicaragua.  RU helps educate citizens with global perspective.

Social-emotional supports: We support the diverse developmental and emotional needs of our student body with school-wide programs such as Advisory, Restorative Justice interventions, and individualized supports from our school counselors and school-based social worker.

Personalization and Relevance: From our “Deployed Classrooms” that connect students to field work and experts in industry, to our Project Based Learning electives that engage students in solving contemporary problems, to the thoughtful lessons that teachers put in place every day, our curriculum places an emphasis on teaching and learning that speaks to the needs and identities of our students and the wider community.
Because of efforts such as these, students are engaged and persistent in their studies.  We know this because, for several years now, our graduation rate has consistently surpassed the state average: going from persistently below average to persistently above - at 90% and higher.

Having worked in or visited schools in many other countries, and US cities and suburbs, it impresses us every time we stop to take stock of all that this Vermont public school has to offer our community.  We are excited about the coming year, and we invite and encourge all of you join us in preparing our students for the next stages of their lives!  

For the faculty and staff,

T. Elijah Hawkes, Principal
Caty Sutton, Associate Principal