Public Policy / Water Management

Public Policy / Water Management

Public Policy and the Science of Water Management:

How do people protect the water supply while avoiding water damage to infrastructure and property?

Spring Semester

Lead Partner: Vicki Johnson  (Science Standards)

One of Vermont’s greatest resources is its water: but you can’t depend on your Mountain State to remain Green unless you understand how to manage water and keep your supply of it healthy. Water is a natural, vital, and incredibly powerful force. It is necessary to maintain life, but it is also capable of astounding destruction. Its form of destruction may come slowly and quietly or rushing madly and wildly. From drinking water wells to storm water to the water that floats our boats, water seeps into nearly every aspect of civic life, and it impacts nearly every career.

In this PBL Challenge, we will explore problems faced by civil engineers, and the law, theory, thinking, practicality, and discipline that figures into dealing with water. The course will include local and regional field trips as well as classroom days.

Career Pathways:  This PBL will appeal to students interested in environmental science, civil engineering, community planning, construction, and management of natural resources.