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We'll be using this page to highlight all the great things that are happening here -- every day -- as our students prepare for life after RU. So check back often and soon! (Also, follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on activities and events)

Middle School “Fall Fest” & Open House

RUHS will host its annual Middle School “Fall Fest” & Whole School Open House on Thursday, Sept 20 from 5 – 7:30.  

The Fall Fest will begin at 5:00 with dinner for all Middle School students and families, followed by a choice of conversations with teachers and administrators, including: It’s Not Too Soon to Talk Planning for College; What is Proficiency-Based Grading/Reporting;  Learning About Advisory and Restorative Justice at RU; and more.

Then, from 6:30 – 7:30, students will take their families to visit their classrooms and teachers. This is an opportunity for students to introduce family members to teachers, and for discussion about how the year is going and what’s going on in the classroom. There will also be multiple drop-in opportunities to learn more about TeacherEase, our proficiency-based online grade book, which will be open to students next week.

We look forward to seeing all of our Middle School families on Thursday, Sept 20.

RU / Gifford Medical Center to Partner on Athletic TrainingAthletic Director and Athletic Trainer prepare first aid kits

As student athletes and their coaches prepare for the upcoming fall season, Gifford Health Care and Randolph Union High School (RUHS) have made official an agreement to provide athletic training in the coming year for all high school and Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA)-required middle school sports. Per the agreement, a Gifford athletic trainer will cover RUHS home games and events and provide training-room hours for athletes.

The partnership is the result of several months of collaboration between RUHS Athletic Director Steve Croucher and Gifford Rehabilitation Services Manager Troy Stratton, a physical therapist who also works with the sports medicine team at Gifford.

“This program is so important for the health, wellness, and safety of our student athletes,” said Croucher, who has worked toward the goal of having a permanent athletic training program at RUHS since he started at the school three years ago. “We are now joining the vast majority of schools in Vermont that have athletic training programs. I think our community—especially our high school athletes and their parents—will see in these first few weeks just how valuable it is to have an athletic trainer available on a permanent basis.”

Historically, RUHS hired trainers on a per-diem basis and to meet state mandates, which Croucher said wasn’t enough and resulted in “coverage with very little continuity or connection to the student athletes.” Now, RUHS will have consistent access to Gifford athletic trainers, both at school facilities and at Gifford’s Kingwood Health Center, enabling trainers to get to know the athletes and their individual histories.

“A significant benefit to our partnership with Randolph Union High School lies in the prevention aspect,” said Stratton. “This program will give parents peace of mind. Not only will Gifford athletic trainers be available immediately when acute injuries happen at RUHS home events, to be that first responder, but they’ll also provide ongoing education on how to take care of the body and how to recover from athletic events.”

Croucher agrees that prevention and education are critical. As part of the program, all fall athletes will undergo screenings for pre-concussion and functional movement.

“I am excited about the valuable information that will come from early-season screenings,” said Croucher. “With direction from the athletic trainer and Gifford’s rehabilitation staff, we will incorporate what we learn from the screenings into team warmups and functional movement drills as well as pre-season trainings throughout the year.”

The first day of varsity practice at RUHS was Thursday, Aug. 16. In the meantime, Gifford trainers have been assisting pre-season and attending meetings with coaches.