Racial Justice

Racial Justice

Racial Justice: How can we advocate for and create a more racially-just community?

Lead Partner: Emily Therrien

English/ Social Studies Elective

Description: In this PBL Challenge, students will respond to increasing community concerns about racial injustice in our local and national community. Students will work with area experts to establish and maintain a Racial Justice Student Alliance here at RU, with the goal of raising awareness around racial injustice to create a safer environment for all community members. In order to build a solid foundation from which to build their project, students will study the history of racial injustice in our country, as well as different racial justice movements (Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, etc.). Through the RJSA, students will work with their peers to educate our school community about current issues, including working with teachers to develop inclusive curricula. Throughout the year, students will work to recruit RJA members, establish goals, and host regular meetings and events. In participating in this PBL, students will learn about organizing around social issues and advocating for change through education and civil resistance.

Career Pathways: This PBL challenge will appeal to students interested in careers in social justice, community organizing, social work, political science, history, and education.