Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice: Do our schools and courts treat people fairly?

Lead Partner: Angela Bauer                                                      
English Elective

Description: Do VT schools discipline students fairly? Do some kinds of students get suspended more often than others? Does a school suspension have any connection to dropping out? And what about our legal system: Do the courts treat people fairly? Does VT have too many prisons - or not enough? Should people with mental health challenges go to jail if they commit a crime? How should people with opiate addiction be treated when in custody?

In this PBL challenge, we will begin by raising and researching questions like these. Then we will look at Restorative Justice practices, and how schools and communities can find ways to heal and repair - while still holding people accountable for wrongdoing. We will learn from local advocacy groups, law enforcement, human rights, and legal experts to help us determine what we can do in our school and community to ensure that we treat people fairly - even when they make mistakes and do harm to others.

Career Pathways: This challenge will appeal to students interested in career fields such as law, criminal justice, public policy, and human rights.