Service Learning Abroad

Service Learning Abroad

Service Learning Abroad:  How do we work with a local nonprofit to make meaningful change in a country through service learning work without imposing our own beliefs?

Lead Partner: Simona Talos                                                                1 credit (Elective)

Description: In this PBL challenge, students will learn, listen and act. The challenge is designed to research and familiarize students with the peoples, cultures and inherent beliefs of the countries where we choose to engage in service learning work, while analyzing our own perceptions. Students will explore Nicaragua - the people, culture, cuisine, music, history and contemporary politics - in order to best understand and serve the needs of the families they will work with during a service-learning trip to that country.  

Students who enroll in this PBL will be part of the club that is going on the April 2018 Spanish Trip to Nicaragua.  We will work with a community partner organization, Planting Hope, which has the goal to support “sustainable growth and mutual understanding through the exchange of social, cultural and material riches of Nicaragua and the U.S.” Students will develop a portfolio to document their knowledge of the culture and history of Nicaragua (learn), the connections between the challenges this country faces, such as illiteracy and poverty (listen), and the work related to organizing and fundraising for the trip (act). Students will make a final presentation of their findings and service work to the greater Randolph community and the supporters of Planting Hope (learn, listen, and act!).

Career Pathways: This challenge will appeal to students interested in career fields such as foreign language, international relations, foreign aid, political science, and comparative politics. Prerequisite:  Completed Spanish 2.