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Music/Drama/The Arts

RU into Music?

RU's Music Program has something for everyone!

Music at RUHS is always growing and improving. Going into the 2018-2019 school year we are pleased to welcome Katherine Hollander to our wonderful district music team! She'll be working with the elementary grades in Randolph, Braintree, and Brookfield.

This year we will be building off of the momentum we gained last year, adding on an extra concert at the end of the year and offering new music electives to our class offerings. We will also be running another Digital Music Project Based Learning class.

But to really get a feel for what RU music is all about, check out our special website, dedicated to everything musical at RUHS. Click here to visit RU Music.

RU Theater Program Reaches New Heights – Literally!etc1

RU's theater program has taken a leap of faith for its October musical – the actors will literally soar above the stage during "Willy Wonka."

Foy, a Nevada-based company that transforms theatrical flight with modern technology, is partnering with Randolph's young actors and technicians to once again create theatrical magic.  This is their second collaboration with RU's Theater Program and The Encore Theater Company since the troupe's 2015 production of "Mary Poppins."

"Every show has special requirements," noted the program's longtime director Brian Rainville.  "Sourcing specialty costumes, properties, and furniture is part of the job.  With enough time and a bit of luck our team can find most anything.  But for this show to work, Charlie and her grandfather have to fly.  Wonka's factory won't be an amazing place if Charlie's feet never leave the ground after she consumes an experimental soda called a Fizzy Lifting drink."

Creating that effect requires a massive investment of time and money.  If the calculations made by the musical's production team are right, one performance will have to sell out just to pay for the rental of specialized equipment and training.  Senior Philip Papp, who claimed the role of Grandpa George, insists it's money well spent.  Papp says Willy Wonka "is about the power of imagination - and pursuing dreams. Charlie bucket is an amazing kid.  She is incredibly talented, works hard, and has a great family.  And when Charlie's honesty is tested - she succeeds.  That's a message that all of us want to hear - and believe."

Roald Dahl's "Willy Wonka," a modern day morality tale, will be performed October 18-20 in the Murray Auditorium at Randolph Union High School.

RU Theater Takes to the Road

RU Theater is once again ready to take to the road - and return to NYC!  For one day each year Manhattan becomes a classroom for students and their chaperones.

This profound learning opportunity is now in its 16th year.  The trip transports students from Randolph to midtown Manhattan, where they'll see the classic musical "Kiss Me Kate" and witness the thriving artistic community that is Broadway.

The Lamson-Howell Foundation and the Borchardt Fund help make this annual excursion possible.  Their underwriting ensures the drama program has the cash flow necessary to secure a chartered motorcoach, show tickets, and meals well in advance.

The New York trip has been a memorable event for more than a generation of Randolph's young people.  For more information about the trip, and how to get on board, contact program director Brian Rainville at  (802) 728-3397 ext 124 or