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Weekly Blog

Directors Weekly Acknowledgements - August 4, 2017

Dear Students and Parents & Guardians of RTCC Students:

You'll find a lot of important notes in the paragraphs below. Please take the time to scroll through and read any and all information that's pertinent to you and your student(s)!

First and foremost, on behalf of the entire RTCC faculty and staff, welcome to RTCC.  We start the year with more than 125 students coming to us from seven “sending” high schools. We have spent the summer preparing our school and individual programs in order to offer the sharing communities nothing short of an excellent technical education program – and we’ll always continue to work on improving our school!  I know I speak for everyone here when I say we are looking forward to meeting our new students, welcoming back returning students and parents/guardians, families. As always, the summer has brought some changes:

Staffing and current events

RTCC would like to welcome Max Van Houten who will be teaching Environmental Resource Management. Mr.Van Houten is an avid outdoorsman and naturalist from the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For the past four years he has taught vocational agriculture at Lake Region Union High School, where he and his students planted and grafted an apple orchard, set-up a composting system, and managed a small woodlot and sugar bush. His proudest accomplishment was composting over 3 tons of food scraps from the school's cafeteria during his tenure there. Van Houten is always looking forward to working outdoors with students, where he aims to impart a sense of stewardship for our natural resources to our young people while teaching them practical skills for living in the Northeast. He brings this passion to RTCC where he looks forward to having more time with students to practice and master skills through hands-on projects. His highest goal is for every student to develop personal and professional confidence through skillful means, which he has seen lead to their ability to take pride in their own work.

RTCC welcomes John Lacey as he takes over our Criminal Justice program. Mr. Lacey comes to Randolph from the Boston area where he was a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. He has spent time on homicide investigations, day to day criminal justice issues, motor vehicle law, and cyber- computer forensics prosecution. He hopes students in the criminal justice program will gain a solid understanding of constitutional law. In his spare time he enjoys coaching baseball, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Jennefer Jolls is our new Guidance Coordinator, Ms. Jolls moved to Williamstown from Tucson, Arizona, ten years ago.  She loves learning new things and going on adventures, and is excited to help students do the same!  Ms. Jolls has been at the RTCC for two years as the Adult Education Coordinator and National Technical Honor Society Advisor, and previously at Williamstown she was a para educator and middle school social studies teacher and after school coordinator. She has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Our Maintenance Supervisor, Mark McKinstry, and his staff have completed an enormous amount of maintenance upgrades and cleaning that has once again made our school shine as well as operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Damon Jillson, Automotive Technology instructor, has made sure all our vans and buses (as well as our police cruiser, ambulance and other vehicles!) are well maintained ready for the job of transporting ourstudents to the many community and field sites we access as integral parts of our programs.

Reminders and General Information

Attire- Students need to be dressed appropriately for their program. In a shop or mechanical program there are no open toed shoes. Clothing should be worn to keep a student safe. Students need to wear clothing without inappropriate language, pictures of weapons, alcoholic beverages, or extreme rips & tears. In a program that is classroom based, clothing should be semi-professional. RTCC wants students to model professional attitudes, attire, and be ready for workforce.

Parking - We have limited parking spaces and they are reserved for students who are on Co-op, and work right after school. Your student is encouraged to take the bus provided by their sending school. Students who park without permits will be asked to move their vehicle and may face discipline. When driving while in the parking lot and leaving school property it is vital students do not rev their engines, tap bumpers, & peel out- doing so will cause a student to lose driving privileges. We ask that students have no inappropriate stickers on their vehicles. RTCC is across the street from Randolph Elementary School, and we want the younger students to feel safe. Please see the Student Handbook on our website for more information.

Driving other students - We take your student’s safety seriously and ask that students do not drive other students without the written permission of a parent/guardian/immediate family member. Please complete the “Permission to Drive Form” when we send it home.

Keys to Success at Randolph Technical Career Center:

Attendance- It is vital students attend RTCC every day. We understand when a student is sick or may be late because of an appointment, but otherwise students need to be here with us all day. If a student is absent for 5 days (in a quarter), we are required to send a letter home, and may ask for a follow up meeting. Please review our updated attendance policy in the handbook. If you have questions about attendance please refer to the Student Handbook on our website or call the office at 802-728-9595.

Lunch Time- We are not an open campus and students are required to be in the cafeteria during lunch, regardless of age and adult status. Students can purchase lunch here or bring lunch but are not allowed to leave to purchase a meal. You can find a link to our menus in the web navigation to the left. If you need to download an application for free or reduced lunch, purchase meals through "My School Bucks", or access other nutrition information, you'll find our Nutrition page under the "About the OSSD" tab. You can purchase meals through the My School Bucks on line, just like your home schools.

All seniors will be required to complete a Technical Project and will receive a packet detailing the requirements in September.

All juniors will be required to complete a Career Portfolio and will receive a packet in detailing the requirements in September. Both Junior & Senior projects are a tool students can use after graduation to continue their career and or college placement.

RTCC Orientation Night for New Students

Monday August 28th at 5:30 PM, we hope all new RTCC students, families, and guardians can join us for a Program Orientation Night. We will meet in the cafeteria at 5:30 PM for dinner and then venture into your program to find out more from your student’s teacher, schedule and daily life.

Who to Contact at RTCC when you have a question?

  • Questions around attendance, permission to leave early, day to day scheduling, Power School Passwords, please contact Brenda or Kelly in the office at 802-728-9595
  • Questions about college planning, VSAC, Financial Aid, SAT, PSAT, Accuplacer, Dual Enrollment, On Line Learning, Transcripts, Credits, schedules, and social behavior please contact Jennefer Jolls Guidance Counselor at 802-728-9595 X 407
  • Questions about Work Based Learning and co-op, Scholarships, Personal Inventory Assessments like ASVAB, and Career Planning please contact Jason Finley at 802-728-9595 X405
  • Questions about Students who are on service plans and or academic or program support would be directed to Michael Abadi at 802-728-9595 X424
  • Questions about daily life, schedule, grades, and classroom based information would be directed to the program teacher. Please start with them for direct information about your student.
  • Questions about any of the above, or something different please contact Jason Gingold, Director at 802-728-9595 X403

First Day of school at RTCC

Our first day of school is Tuesday, August 29th.  Classes begin at 9:00 with dismissal for the day at 2:22.  Upon arrival at RTCC all students should proceed to their technical program where they will receive an initial orientation to the program and our school and class schedules.  On Tuesday the 29th RUHS students who are in a first or second period course will be released to RTCC by 8:55 for the beginning of our program. We will not be holding our 1st period US History at RTCC.  RTCC will start our 1st and 2nd period classes on Wednesday the 30th.  Second period courses at RTCC will be cancelled for the day so that students can attend the opening session of your program. Our first day will include a school-wide assembly (10:00) where much more information will be presented. From mid-day on, classes at RUHS and RTCC should be attended as scheduled.

Randolph students - Please see information in the Parent Link.  Seniors are invited to breakfast on Monday August 28th, at RUHS. Juniors do not have to report to RTCC until Tuesday, August 29th.  Students will be released from RUHS classes to attend the opening of RTCC classes at 9:00.

Northfield students - Please arrive at Northfield High School as usual on Tuesday, August 29th and the bus will bring you to RTCC for our first day of school.

Williamstown students - Please arrive at Williamstown High School as usual on Tuesday, August 29th and the bus will bring you to RTCC for our first day of school.

Chelsea, South Royalton, Rochester and Whitcomb students.  Although your schools’ first day of classes are Wednesday August 30th, RTCC begins on Tuesday, August 29th.  A bus will be waiting for you at your school on Tuesday, morning. Please report to your school no later than 8:10.  The bus will leave RTCC at 2:22 and arrive back at your school at approximately 2:50. Please contact Kelly or Brenda (802-728-9595 at RTCC if you are unable to get to/from your school in order to ride the bus to RTCC.

Again, we look forward to seeing students on the Tuesday, August 29th. We have been working hard to prepare a school year that will be challenging, rewarding, and fun.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

There is so much going on at RTCC - please visit orangesouthwest.org to see what our programs are all about or feel free to call 728-9595 if you have any questions or want to know more about RTCC.

You can also follow us on facebook.  We are committed to making the 2017 2018 school year a positive and rewarding experience for everyone who joins our growing family!


Jason Gingold, Director