Youth Media

Youth Media

Youth Media: If youth produce the news, will more youth listen to or read the news?

Lead Partners: Jamie Koehnlein Connor and/or Tev Kelman  1 credit (English Elective)

Description: According to a study conducted by the American Press Institute, “older adults are more likely to report reading, watching, or hearing a news story in-depth in the last week; 54 percent of adults age 60 and over said they’d done so compared to just 25 percent of young people.” So, how do you get your message out to the community? And how do you get people to listen?

The goal of the course is to cover news in a way that is not only relevant and compelling to young people, but that also pushes the envelope to uncover hard-hitting local and school topics. The idea is that if you have a strong stake in the stories that are covered and the way in which the news is presented, not only will more students and community members enjoy reading and listening to the news, but the connection between the school and the local community will grow stronger.

Working in collaboration with local journalists and professionals, we’ll start with a crash course in the tools of radio and print journalism. By the end of the first semester, the team will run like a real news team, with production meetings, deadlines, and an issue and a show that is ready for broadcast.  

Career Pathways: This challenge will appeal to students who are interested in career fields such as journalism, education, editing, and production, as students can expect to hone their skills in writing, presentation, documentation, and design, among many other learning opportunities.