Handbook / Course Catalog

Handbook / Course Catalog

kajiThe RUHS Parent / Student Handbook outlines the expectations of, and opportunties available to students, parents, and families at Randolph Union High School. To view or download a copy, click on the links in the documents box below.

Graduation Pathways:
Commonality & Personalization

Earning a diploma from RU means that students have demonstrated proficiency in our graduation standards.  Pathways toward proficiency typically involve a blend of common/required experiences and personalized programs of study that align to individual student interests, goals and needs.

One common expectation is that all students are expected to carry a minimum of 7 courses each semester. Any exception must be approved by administration. This coursework includes the pathway requirements listed below.

Common Graduation Pathway Requirements
English - 4 full years
Mathematics - 3 full years
Science - 3 full years
US History - 1 full year
Social Studies - 2 full years
Phys-Ed - 1.5 years
Health - 0.5 years
Fine Arts - 1 full year
World Languages - Standards are addressed through multiple pathways
Senior Project - See detailed information on the Senior Project page

Promotion Requirements: Grade Level, Advisory Group, Etc.
A student’s grade level standing is used to determine Advisory placement and class activities. (A student in an 11th grade Advisory, for example, will be eligible to hold office in the junior class.) At the end of the first semester, Student Services will update grade level and class standings, awarding credit for all semester courses. To be promoted from one grade/class to another, a student must have successfully completed the following, or equivalent:

4 full year courses at the end of the freshman year, including 1 full English course.
9 full year courses at the end of the sophomore year, including 2 English courses.
14 full year courses at the end of the junior year, including 3 English courses.
20 full year courses at the end of the senior year, including 4 English courses.