Handbooks / Course Catalog

Handbooks / Course Catalog

RU gradsThe RUHS Student & Co-Curricular Handbook outlines the expectations of, and opportunties available to, students, parents, and families at Randolph Union High School. You'll find the Handbook in the "documents' box to the left.

The Proficiency-Based Graduation Handbook  highlights the new proficiency-based assessment and reporting (grading) guidelines leading to graduation from RUHS. You can view that document here:  Proficiency Based Handbook

The Course Catalog reviews graduation requirements and highlights the wide range of courses available to students. You'll find the 2019-20 Course Catalog here.

Graduation Pathways:
Commonality & Personalization

Earning a diploma from RU means that students have demonstrated proficiency in our graduation standards.  Pathways toward proficiency typically involve a blend of common/required experiences and personalized programs of study that align to individual student interests, goals and needs.
One common expectation is that all students are expected to carry a minimum of 7 courses each semester. Any exception must be approved by administration.