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Registration formEnd of School Updates

This week the district is beginning to plan out the protocols for a fall return to school.  We are unclear as of yet if students will be returning to normal session,  if districts will use a hybrid model (half the students one day, half the students the next day) or if we will be in remote session; hopefully, clarification will be forthcoming from the state.  Regardless of the modality, we want to be prepared and will use the current CDC guidelines to steer our planning. 

Our food distribution service will end on June 17th.  The Randolph Food Shelf will be stepping in to take over that work during the summer months.  They have sent out a registration form which needs to be returned by June 5th to the email address on the form. You can download the form here:

registration form
Our program which provides childcare services for essential workers will also end on June 17th, so it is important that folks using those services plan an alternative in the time that remains.  Private childcare centers were given the greenlight to reopen as of yesterday (June 1st) and should be sought out if needed.

Message to the Community
May / June 2020

With about three weeks left to the school year, expect that our messaging going home will ramp up.  I have been trying to keep community messages from central office at a minimum to avoid distracting families from the communications coming directly from the schools (and to prevent overload).

This year posed unique challenges for us all: students, families, and the district alike.  We want to thank you for your support and for rolling with the all the changes that have taken place since mid-March – it has only been a little over two-months since we moved to remote session, but it feels like years. 

As of right now, we have no clear guidance about the fall.  My guess is that folks at the state level are being appropriately cautious and waiting for more data to roll in about the impact of the decreased restrictions before making a decision about the resumption of regular in-school instruction.  From my perspective, this is a wise choice, it does however prevent us from effectively planning and organizing.  When a decision is made, all districts will need to engage in flurry of activity to prepare, and we hope when that time comes, we will have your continued support and good humor.

Our continued gratitude must be expressed to all our staff, but most especially to the essential workers who have spent these months providing childcare and food to local families.  Further, our gratitude goes out to the Arts Bus for providing art supplies and project kits (kits 4 kids) to the community through our food distribution sites.  To learn more, or to support their efforts, please visit their website: Arts Bus kits4kids-a-covid-19-creative- response/

Seniors, we are proud of you.  The faculty has been working diligently to pull plans together for the RTCC Awards night and the RUHS graduation – messaging will be coming out on those events directly from the schools.  We hope you know how much we wish your end-of-year celebrations – ones you have rightly earned – were not affected by the current crisis; while this year’s celebrations may not be in line with past tradition, that does not dim the joy we feel at your successes and how proud we are of you.  To the class of 2020, we wish you all you desire and ask you not lose faith – the world will heal, it may take some time and a bit of effort, but it, like us, will always be here to receive you.

Most Sincerely,

Layne W. Millington
OSSD Superintendent