Inequality and the Environment

Inequality and the Environment

Inequality and the Environment:
How can we unite people of all class backgrounds to improve the health of our planet?

Lead Partner: Tev Kelman  (Social Studies and English Standards)

This PBL will explore global climate change and poverty by looking at the ways in which society, legislation, and often lobby groups seem to pit people experiencing poverty against environmental interests and efforts to mitigate human impact on global climate change.  How can we bridge that divide and develop greater unity around saving our planet and supporting those in need, while at the same time building community to bridge this divide?

In this PBL challenge, we will investigate the causes of climate change and inequality, and work with local groups organizing around these issues, to build a campaign to educate and engage students in taking action. We will examine various approaches to making change and building social movements, and each of you will conduct independent research and work with community partners to develop expertise in specific areas of this work: science, economics, policy, organizing, media, etc.

CAREER CONNECTIONS: In this course, students will build skills and understandings connected to careers in public policy, community organizing, state and local government, journalism, and marketing. Students may have opportunities to pursue and develop other career interests depending on where the group decides to focus their work.