International Exchanges

International Exchanges

International Exchange Club

The International Exchange Club is comprised of students from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to make connections with visiting exchange students.

Members of the club not only provide hospitality for exchange students from all corners of the globe, but travel on exchange programs as well. During the course of the school year, club members host a series of Dialog Nights featuring adults and students who have traveled abroad, as well as information nights for students who want to take part in exchanges or hosting. Membership is open to all RUHS students.
For more information about the wide range of international opportunities offered at RUHS club, contact Club Advisor Pat Cushing.

The Randolph-Shizukuishi Exchange Program

The Randolph-Shizukuishi Exchange Program -- one of the longest lasting and most successful of our international exchanges -- began in 1992 when a RandolphShiz Kids native then teaching English in Shizukuishi, Japan facilitated a cultural visit of Shizukuishi students and teachers to Randolph Union High School. Over the next nine years, delegations of junior high students from Shizukuishi and their teachers came to Randolph for a week-long home stay and school visit.

In 2000, the Town of Shizukuishi invited Randolph Union High School to send a comparable delegation to Japan and, by way of thanks for Randolph’s years of hospitality, paid for the group’s expenses while they were in Japan. Additional funds for the trip were provided by charitable foundations, including The Freeman Foundation and the Lamson-Howell Foundation, as well through local fundraising events organized by students and their parents. Since 2000, Shizukuishi students have continued to come to Randolph every winter and Randolph Union High School has sent delegations to Japan every other year, each time raising funds from the community and by applying for foundation grants.

The Randolph-Shizuksuishi Exchange Project has become one of our most popular and successful exchange programs, and because we travel to Japan on a biennial basis, every middle school student has a chance to apply for the exchange. The Friends of the Randolph-Shizukuishi Exchange Program was formed as a non-profit public benefit corporation whose sole purpose is to raise funds in support of the Randolph-Shizukuishi Exchange Project. The Friends conduct regular fundraising activities and make grant applications so that Randolph Union High School can continue to send a delegation of students and teacher-chaperones to Shizukuishi, Japan every other year. Each trip involves travel from Vermont to Tokyo, sightseeing in Tokyo, train travel to Shizukuishi, a home stay in Shizukuishi, and, if possible, travel to another site of cultural interest (such as Kyoto or Nikko) before returning to Vermont. Individual travelers, whether students or teachers, supply only their personal spending money.

German Exchange Program – BBS Cuxhaven

We are all part of a larger global community, and understanding that world community is an important aspect of learning. To promote the idea of international learning, Cuxhaven kidsRandolph Union High School has established a partnership with BBSCuxhaven - the "Berufsblidende Schulen" located on the North Sea in the coastal community of Cuxhaven, Germany.

Students and teachers from RUHS  travel to Cuxhaven, Germany bi-annually in order to experience German life (and high school) with host families and partnered students.

In the off years, students from Cuxhaven travel to Vermont to experience our way of life. The visiting students are hosted by local families and shadow RUHS students through a variety of classroom and extra curricular activities. 

The group also travels to various tourist and cultural sites around the state to experience what makes Vermont special. Being involved in the German Exchange Program is a wonderful way to discover our global community.

French Foreign Exchange to Guadeloupe

In the spring of 2017, fifteen French students traveled to the French overseas department of Guadeloupe in the Eastern Caribbean. The most advanced French students did a good deal of fundraising and grant writing in order to participate in this unique opportunity. They sold over 500 crêpes during lunch hour, made around 2000 French chocolate truffles, and baked 300 pies in order to help cover their expenses for a 10-day adventure. In addition to this, they also received gifts from foundations and support from the school.

For the first half of the trip, students stayed in the remote village of Sainte Rose, adjacent to the island's largest rainforest and volcano, where they visited a primary school, hiked along various trails, and learned to shop and cook dinner in French. For the second part of their stay, local students at Hyacinthe-Bastardaud High School hosted students in their homes for five days. Randolph students joined in everyday activities with their host families, and attended classes at the school for a day to experience the French school system first hand.

Upon their return, a Guadeloupean group of 26 students and three teachers came to Vermont to get a taste of mud season!  The French-speaking students were eager to practice the English they've been learning in class, and to discover what maple sugaring is all about. They spent one day shadowing our students at school, and a few days visiting Burlington and other attractions.