Message From Our Chairperson

Message From Our Chairperson

Angelo_Odato_Pg3The past year has been one of significant change for the boards that formerly represented the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union, the biggest of which was the consolidation into a single board overseeing the schools in the towns of Braintree, Brookfield, and Randolph. 

The new Orange Southwest Supervisory District (OSSD) board, (which became effective July 1, 2017), began working on organizing and planning for the upcoming year, while the expiring OSSU boards continued focusing on the 2016-17 school year and it’s many challenges and changes. All of the boards worked together to keep the schools running well and to ensure a smooth transition to a single governing body.  The new district will help streamline our delivery of services to students and more easily share resources across all our schools.
In addition to working together towards a smooth transition and ensuring student progress, a major thrust of the Boards’ work was to set goals for the next three years.  All of the OSSU boards were involved in producing the following six goals:

  • The board will establish the new unified district by July 2017. (This has been completed)
  • The board will ensure that goals for our students are relevant; that they reflect the values of the community; and are future-oriented.
  • The board will work to ensure sustainable, effective governance and leadership.
  • The board will communicate with its constituents about its student goals and performance outcomes.
  • The board will form and maintain an intentional, ongoing, two-way connection to the community.
  • The board will influence policy at the local, state and federal level for bettering our schools.

As we proceed into the 2017-18 academic year,we will have more information about progress on these goals. 

Our schools are places where all of our children are valued, respected, and most importantly, where they feel safe.  We have a dedicated and skilled faculty to help them, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve on our delivery of academic, social, and vocational objectives.  

We thank all of you for the continued support the community has given to our schools.