Welcome to Early Education at OSSD

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Note to Parents/Guardians:

The OSSD maintains a preschool waiting list for families who are interested in having their children attend one of our preschool programs when the programs are at capacity.

Families are welcome to place their child on the waiting list once they turn 2 years old or at any time following the child’s second birthday. If you live in the towns of Braintree, Brookfield or Randolph, please call Nicole Scudero at RES at 728-9555 to place your child on the waiting list. We will be in touch as soon as space becomes available for your child.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to call Nicole or Principal Pat Miller at 728-9555.

Our Philosophy...

We believe that children learn best in a caring and nurturing environment where they can explore, create and have a variety of play experiences.  Learning opportunities should be developmentally appropriate and address all areas of growth including social emotional, physical and cognitive development. The education of young children is a collaboration involving teachers, specialists, families, and communities.

Our Early Education Program...

The OSSD Early Education Randolph Program has had four very successful years with  36 - 40 students between the ages of 3-5 enrolled each year. Act 166 enables every family in Vermont access to high quality pre-qualified preschool programs at no cost for ten hours a week for 35 weeks a year. The OSSD runs two public preschool programs in our district for families that live in Braintree, Brookfield and Randolph.

Pat Miller is the lead administrator for the preschool programs and according to Miller, “the program in Randolph Elementary School will continue to offer preschool on Monday- Thursday mornings and afternoons.” Some students have parents who work part-time, some have a stay-at-home parent who just needs a few hours to themselves and some are children whose families can’t afford private childcare.
“Children with special needs are part of the preschool and all students benefit from being in a diverse environment," Miller noted.

The OSSD programs are taught by certified teachers in both Randolph and Braintree and offer the youngest members of our community an excellent first school experience.

For the 2018-2019 school year Braintree will offer public preschool on Monday-Thursday mornings. Braintree will also be offering families the option of signing up for extended hours to meet the demand for full day childcare. This has long been a need in our area and the OSSD is excited about this new venture. Both programs in Randolph and Braintree public preschool spots are fully enrolled but there are still openings in the extended care options. Families can attend for the full day or there are openings for childcare from 10:30-5:30. Once a student participates in the program, they will automatically receive a spot for the subsequent year. Throughout the year we accept new applications and students will remain on our waiting list until they enter kindergarten.

Both schools will offer children the very popular Educating Children Outdoors (ECO) program which has students outside each week in their outdoor classroom. “As an educator," Miller said, "it’s been my observation that children who spend time in high quality preschool benefit socially, academically, and intellectually, and I’m excited that the OSSD can be a part of that.”