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RU Cross Country off to a Fast Start

RU XCFor the second year in a row, the RUHS Girls' and Boys' Cross Country teams forwent the traditional pre-season practices for a five-day, pre-season training camp.

With coaches Ben Weir and Simona Talos, 15 members of the combined teams traveled to Camp Sunrise in Benson, VT to focus on athletic preparation and team-building. Once there, the runners completed a grueling schedule of workouts along with a variety of team building activities such as trivia, name that tune, a bocce tournament, and the highly-competitive water balloon toss. The week finished with a two-mile time trial that marks the culmination of summer training and the beginning of the competitive fall sports season. 

The cross-country teams have grown in both size and popularity over the past few years and are now at their largest-ever size. This year’s team is projected to have approximately thirty high-school participants, along with close to a dozen middle schoolers. New athletes are always welcome to give it a shot. The team practices four-days a week and competes on most Saturdays. 

About RU Athletics

Athletics are an important component of the RUHS experience and its athletic programs are designed to help students develop sportsmanship, school spirit, and good physical health. Because of the wide range of athletic programs offered at the school, students are provided with the opportunity to work towards excellence in several areas of athletic interest.
RUHS athletes play in the Northern Vermont Athletic Conference.
RUHS offers varsity and junior varsity boys’ and girls’ athletic clubs, as well as programs geared to students at the junior high school level.

Among the programs we currently offer are:

Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer
Girls’ Varsity Soccer
Junior High Boys’ Soccer
Junior High Girls’ Soccer
Varsity Boys' Cross Country
Varsity Girls' Cross Country
Junior High Boy's Cross Country
Junior High Girls' Cross Country
Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
Junior High Boys’ Basketball
Junior High Girls’ Basketball
Boys' Varsity Ice Hockey (cooperative with Northfield)
Varsity Girls' Ice Hockey (member to member with Northfield)
Varsity Gymnastics (co-ed)
Junior High Gymnastics (co-ed)
Varsity Wrestling (co-ed)
Junior High Wrestling (co-ed)
Varsity Indoor Track (club sport)
Varsity Bowling (co-ed)
Junior High Bowling (co-ed)

Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Baseball
Junior High Boys’ Baseball
Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball
Junior High Girls’ Softball
Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse
Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse (cooperative team with Chelsea)
Junior High Boys’ Lacrosse
Varsity Boys' Track & Field
Varsity Girls' Track & Field
Junior High Boys' Track & Field
Junior High Girls' Track & Field