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Recent AG Tech Grad Kaliegh Hamel Featured in Seven Days

When it's time to deliver the eggs from the chickens that scratch and peck among the towering piles of earth at Montpelier's Vermont Compost, Kaleigh Hamel, 19, and Ruby, 17, do the job together. Hamel is the brains of the operation, making sure the invoice is printed, acting as driver and interacting with staff at the eggs' destination, Hunger Mountain Co-op. Ruby does the heavy lifting.

In the literal sense of the word, they're a team: Ruby is an American Mammoth donkey, and Hamel is an experienced teamster and trainer. Together, they wend their way down Main Street to the store, Ruby pulling the cart and Hamel holding the reins.

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RTCC is First VT High School to be Approved for Vermont’s Automated Vehicle Inspection Program

After many months of hard work, live demonstrations, and a grant to purchase the necessary equipment, the Randolph Technical Career Center’s Automotive Tech program has become the first high school in Vermont to be approved for the Automated Vehicle Inspection (AVI) Program.The AVI program will continue to help students stay up to date on the current inspection process in Vermont, as well as be more in demand when they graduate from the program. Students will graduate with their VT state inspection license and be able to work on their own without supervision.

Auto Tech instructor Damon Jillson will begin training students on the new equipment beginning this spring, and the VT Dept of Motor Vehicles will come into the class in April/May to test all of the senior class members. With the support of the VT DMV inspection unit, RTCC has been able to offer this program to students since 1996.