Message from Our Superintendent

Message from Our Superintendent

L MillingtonDear Parents, Friends and Faculty,

It is with warmth and gratitude that I write this letter for I am truly honored to become a member of this wonderful school community.  A strong passion and dedication in service to students was clear from my very first experience and I remain impressed with the district’s innovative programs, strong educational values, and spoken desire to serve every student.  I could not have hoped for a better fit and I look forward to working alongside the staff and community to provide the best educational outcomes for the students of Brookfield, Braintree and Randolph.

As for myself, I have spent twenty-years in public education, the last six as a high school principal.  I have learned the value of rolling-up my sleeves, working alongside communities to explore new ideas, and crafting the best of those ideas into programs that serve students exceptionally well.  I believe in the potential of every student, and that it is our role as a community to come together to create educational programs that allow them to achieve and excel socially, emotionally and intellectually.  It is my hope that together we can build upon the incredible foundation that already exists at OSSD to continually improve what we do on behalf of students.

I am very excited to begin.  I will be reaching out to the entire school community towards the end of August, and I want to meet with as many folks as possible to help me better understand the needs and desires of the community and district.  Our initial goal will be a simple one: to understand the district as it is and through that examination to discover what unexplored possibilities exist that, if pursued, may provide the best possible outcomes for our students. 

Here's to an exciting year ahead.

Most Sincerely,
Layne W. Millington