OSSD Core Values/Teaching-Learning Statement

OSSD Core Values/Teaching-Learning Statement

Core Values
The Orange Southwest School District values honesty, ethical behavior, responsibility, and integrity, and these core values guide all of our actions and decisions. Every member of our school community strives to model these values.

The following are examples of how these core values are expressed in our schools:

Decision Making: Decisions are based on best practices, collected data, and evidence-based research; and are aligned to the OSSD’s Ends statement.

Responsibility: Adults and students take responsibility for their learning and actions.

Learning: The educational community respects and responds to the diversity of learners.

Professional Development: Opportunities for professional learning and growth are sought by all community members.

Communications: Open and continuous communication is conducted with professionalism and respect.

Parents and Community: Our schools respond to the diversity of our students and communities. Involvement and support are essential to create a healthy school environment.

Role Clarity: Respective roles and responsibilities are clearly understood.

Purpose: Ends and strategic goals are clearly defined and communicated.

Teaching-Learning Statement
The OSSD’s teaching-learning environment embraces the challenges and responsibilities inherent in active global citizenship and the well-being of all its students. OSSD schools will foster collaborative teaching and learning environments that:

  • are flexible, creative, interactive, rigorous, and connected to the global community and real world experiences;
  • cultivate foundational knowledge and skills through the active process of inquiry, discovery, application, and reflection;
  • engage teachers and students in creatively solving problems facing their local and global communities;
  • build momentum for the next stages of life through active collaborations and mentorships with experts from the local and global community;
  • develop respect for the broad diversity of humanity and cultures;
  • develop the OSSD Habits of Mind, Heart, and Work in individuals, groups, and teams;
  • account for individual readiness, interests, and learning styles through transparent learning intentions and criteria for success;
  • embrace emergent technologies; and
  • demonstrate learning through various media: such as public exhibitions, publications, performances, on-line, or interactive events.