RU Cross Country off to a Fast Start

For the second year in a row, the RUHS Girls' and Boys' Cross Country teams forwent the traditional pre-season practices for a five-day, pre-season training camp.

With coaches Ben Weir and Simona Talos, 15 members of the combined teams traveled to Camp Sunrise in Benson, VT to focus on athletic preparation and team-building. Once there, the runners completed a grueling schedule of workouts along with a variety of team building activities such as trivia, name that tune, a bocce tournament, and the highly-competitive water balloon toss. The week finished with a two-mile time trial that marks the culmination of summer training and the beginning of the competitive fall sports season. 

The cross-country teams have grown in both size and popularity over the past few years and are now at their largest-ever size. This year’s team is projected to have approximately thirty high-school participants, along with close to a dozen middle schoolers. New athletes are always welcome to give it a shot. The team practices four-days a week and competes on most Saturdays.