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Project Based Learning

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Learning Through Engagement and Challenge

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For many years, the traditional “3 Rs” of learning – “Reading, Writing & ‘Rithmatic” – have been the basis of a solid education. But there’s another way of learning that’s been making its way steadily into school curriculums across the country, and it’s baImage of PBL Newslettersed on identifying and solving specific challenges by working with and within the community in a hands-on kind of way to solve them.

“I call it learning through engagement and challenge,” said Lisa Floyd, Director of Randolph Union High School’s Project Based Learning Lab, now entering its fourth year. “It’s an inquiry-based approach to education that complements in-class learning by helping students experience first hand what they’re studying in class or reading in a book.”

This year, the PBL lab will be working on several different challenges, each led by a teacher who serves as the students’ facilitator. Students sign up for a project that interests them and then discuss with the teacher what the outcomes of the project could or should be. In that way, the project is essentially student led. And part of what’s unique about having students lead the course is that they come to realize that the outcomes toward which they’re working are often fluid and subject to change. Part of the students’ PBL learning experience is adjusting to those changes without losing sight of the intended outcome – or – re-assessing their intended outcome based on what’s changed.”

“In life,” Floyd said. “We make our plans, and then something happens that throws the whole thing off course. How well we succeed in life often depends on how well we adjust to unexpected changes, and how open we are to going in new directions.”

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