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May 26, 2022

Dear OSSD Families,

The tragic events in Texas have certainly shaken many to the core and certainly make us all appreciate our children more. We wanted to share some resources below (click on the white icon at the bottom of this message to open the links to those resources) that we provided to staff to best support children if they have questions or worry about the events as they hear things from their peers or the news.

Additionally, we wanted to remind you that we have multiple drills that we practice for a variety of emergencies and review them regularly throughout the year. We have a close relationship with local law enforcement and they are familiar with our drills and our school buildings which is important in case of an emergency. We would also like to emphasize that everyone's safety also depends on our ability as a community to support one another by saying something if you see or hear of potential violent acts being thought about or planned. As the saying goes "it takes a village" and we certainly feel privileged to be a part of this village.

OSSD Administrative Team

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