Staff Directory

Staff Directory

To email any of our faculty or staff, use the first initial of their first name followed by their lastname and  [e.g. "Robert Smith" would be ""]  If you are unable to reach a faculty or staff member in this way, please contact the main office. 

OSSD Administrative Staff:

Bellavance, Daniel – Transportation Coordinator
Gibbs, Wes – OSSD Maintenance Co-Director
Lawler, Heather - Assistant Superintendent
Link, Kayla - SPED Coordinator
Millington, Layne - Superintendent
Pembroke, Robin - Business Manager
Russo, Karen - OSSD Food Service Director
Scheindel, Christina - OSSD Technology Director
Worley, Robert – OSSD Maintenance Co-Director

Professional Staff:

Baker, Betsy - Speech/Language Pathologist
Burke, Melissa - Preschool Teacher
Barry, James - RAVEN
Blake, Mary - Occupational Therapist
Fredericks, Kathryn - Literacy Coach
Hart, Harriett - Preschool Teacher
Kent, Danielle - Speech/Language Pathologist
Lancey, Susan - EE Director/Teacher
Larocque, Crystal - OSSD Data Management Coordinator & Math Coach
McDonald, Kelly - Preschool Teacher
Nicholas, Nancy - Occupational Therapist
O'Donnell, Tina - New Teacher Mentor Coordinator
Perrault, Deanna - Physical Therapist
Scoskie, Krista - Speech/Language Pathologist
Vincent, Cheryl - Speech/Language Pathologist
Young, Betty - Math Coach

Central Office Staff:

Caswell, Brenda - Administrative Assistant - Financial Manager
Lubold, Linda - Administrative Assistant - Superintendent
Smith, Susan - Financial Manager & CFP
Young, Darlene - Administrative Assistant -SPED & Medicaid