Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Randolph Union High School

Welcome Back! All of us here at RU are so excited to be returning to school and welcoming students back to class, be it in-person or remotely!

We'll try to overview a few of the changes students will see when they return to school this fall, but you can find all of the OSSD protocols here, and specific RU protocols here.

Supporting our students - your children - during this uncertain time is of paramount importance to us here at RU.  Our teachers and staff will be working with heightened awareness this fall to ensure we are supporting each child as a whole person.  We remain committed to knowing each child well, meeting them where they’re at and helping them through their challenges. Humor, play, and the right mix of excitement and calm will be part of what we do and who we are. 

As you may know, some students will be learning with us in person, while others will be joining us remotely. We really won’t know for certain how this experimental form of learning will play out until we get going, but we feel ready and prepared and we’re looking forward to a challenging, but successful year.

Sadie Lyford, our school nurse will be the point person for communicating with families and administration about individual student health needs, as well as important health protocols. Decisions about whether to isolate groups of people or, if necessary, to close some parts of the school will be made in consultation with the VT Department of Health. 

We have divided our instructional faculty into specific teams, so that teachers do not need to travel across grade level cohorts.  This means, for example, a 10th grade Social Studies teacher who formerly taught 11th and 12th grade AP US History, will now only teach on the 10th grade team. We will have a different, qualified upper grade teacher offer AP US History. These kinds of changes will limit movement and exposure across groups and help with social distancing and contact tracing.One exception to this general rule is that specials/electives teachers will rotate quarterly to ensure that we are sharing their expertise across grade levels: This includes PE, Visual Arts, Health, etc.

As much as possible, while still allowing access to essential services such as food service, bathrooms, the nurses office, etc., we are dedicating rooms to certain grade levels only.  This will help with cohort separation and clearing. Grade levels 7, 8, 9 are in hallways familiar to those grade levels; 10th grade is moving downstairs; and grades 11-12 will have rooms on what we call the art wing. We will have opportunities for rising-7th graders and others new to the school to become familiar with the spaces. 

In addition to the health office, our school nurse will also have a second room, on the main hallway, dedicated to health services, specifically to separate students who may be sick and need to go home.

Athletics and extracurriculars will also happen this fall and we are actively reviewing the latest guidance from the Agency of Education and the Vermont Principals Association to determine how to keep our teams and clubs safely active.  As you can imagine, in addition to the new health regulations, we also have challenges related to staffing/coaching and student participation to manage when it comes to fielding teams and competing against other schools.  There is much still to work out, but we remain committed to offering whatever sports and extracurriculars we can. We know that for so many students, the extracurricular life of school is among the most essential and joyful parts of their school day.  

We know there will be challenges. We've been preparing for them all summer. But we also know there will be moments of great achievement. Please reach out to any one of us with questions or concerns.

T. Elijah Hawkes - Principal

Caty Sutton - Associate Principal / Head of Upper Grades

Lisa Floyd - Associate Principal / Head of Lower Grades