Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Randolph Union High School

June 1, 2022

Dear RU Families,

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Last week was an emotional one at RU; we have wrapped up Senior Projects, welcomed 6th graders as they visited our campus for Step Up Day and for a Welcome Dance, and we also worked with families as they experienced personal crises and managed the emotional impact of the national and world news. As a school community, we processed the news from Uvalde, TX and our hearts ache for the students, families, and educators directly impacted by the violence that occurred in their community.

Over the last few days, we have been asked many questions about resources and our own plans in case of an emergency situation. We have protocols in place for several different types of emergency situations, from medical emergencies where we must provide as much privacy as possible for adults and students alike, to emergencies that must be coordinated with local emergency services. We practice the drills mandated by the Agency of Education on a regular basis. Having said that, our protocols are not collecting dust on a shelf; we examine what worked well and what needs revision on a regular basis. Finally and most crucially, one of the best systems in place for us to understand what our students' needs are is by knowing our students and knowing them well. We do this by connecting students with a trusted adult in the school through our Advisory system, and by prioritizing relationship-building as the first step an educator at RU can take in creating a positive and supportive learning environment for our students.

Over the next few days, ask your student if they can identify three trusted adults at school who they feel they can talk to if they see or hear something that concerns them. Please let us know if your student cannot identify an adult that they trust or feel safe to talk to. The old adage is “see something, say something;” this saying is as important, if not more so, now than it was when it was first coined. Students and staff are the first line of defense related to the prevention of violent acts. We receive reports from students regarding a variety of concerns daily, and would always rather take and investigate a report than miss something important that could impact the safety of our school.

We also feel very fortunate to have two licensed mental health clinicians (Martha Gold & Kate Morris), a Student Assistance Professional/ Home School Coordinator (Colin Andrzeczyk), School Nurse (Sadie Lyford), Family Nurse Practitioner (Megan Foster), Behavioral Interventionist (Cathy Ingalls), and two School Counselors (Kara Merrill & Bev Taft). These professionals support students in myriad ways and help to keep us all safer by knowing our students well and connecting them with resources to help them succeed.

If you or your child are struggling with events happening at school or in the news, please reach out to a support person at our school or access one of the resources here.

Lisa & Caty - RU Co-Principals