Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Randolph Union High School

Welcome Back! All of us here at RU are so excited to be returning to school and to welcome students back to class!

There is so much going on right now in preparation for the new year, but here are some highlights:

A Return to Advisory: Students in grades 7-10 will return to spending time with their advisor and 10-12 of their peers, where they will receive academic support, social/ emotional support, and time to prepare for conferences and portfolio defenses. Grade 11 and 12 students will benefit from a junior and a senior academy, where they will get specific support toward postsecondary planning and their pathway toward graduation.

Community and Work-Based Learning: Students will again have the opportunity to engage in work-based learning opportunities through a partnership with GW Plastics in Royalton. Through this program, students gain exposure to a range of career opportunities.

New courses: RU is offering a new course called water resource management and public policy, where students will gain authentic exposure to the fields of environmental science, civil engineering, public policy, agriculture, and forestry.

Project-Based Learning: RU will offer a host of project-based learning courses for students this coming school year, including:

  • an exploration of food systems and how we create community around food;
  • community service - identifying need in the community and attending to those needs;
  • digital music composition and production;
  • a continuation of our racial-justice student alliance; and
  • a project-based learning course that focuses on mindfulness and movement.

Senior Project: After a year defined by limitations brought on by the pandemic, Senior Project will return to “normal” with students engaged in all components of the project: the research paper, portfolio, display, product, and defense. The school also hopes to resume the “Celebration of Learning” hosted in former years to allow the community to see the work that the students engage in through-out the year.

Expanded Student Leadership: At the end of last school year, students were polled to learn more about what they want and need from their school. They expressed a desire to take on leadership roles and have their voices heard. The school will return to a middle- and high-school student council model.

Other student opportunities include:

  • Advanced Placement courses: RU offers a solid menu of AP courses in world and US history, literature and composition, language and composition, biology, physics, and calculus.
  • SBAC and VTSA out-comes: RU students are to be celebrated for making gains on their ELA, math and VTSA assessment outcomes. These scores are one of many data points used to measure student progress, in addition to the work that students are engaged in throughout their day in the classroom.
  • Drama, Athletics, and Clubs: RU offers more varsity athletic teams than schools of similar size and our drama program produces two performances each year. Other clubs include National Honor Society, poetry, cooking, and weight lifting.
  • The Innovation Center for Applied Learning: The center allows students and teachers to access traditional tools, power tools, and high tech tools to bring special projects to life. The space has continued to evolve to increase its capacity as an applied-learning lab for courses across all grade levels.
  • Close ties with RTCC: Sharing a campus with the Randolph Technical and Career Center has countless benefits, among them early exposure to a wide range of careers oriented programs.
  • Social-Emotional Supports: The diverse developmental and emotional needs of students are supported with school-wide programs such as Restorative Justice interventions, and the work of our counselors and school-based social workers.

Lots of exciting times ahead!

Caty Sutton - Associate Principal / Head of Upper Grades
Lisa Floyd - Associate Principal / Head of Lower Grades