Message from the Principals

Message from the Principals

Welcome to Randolph Union High School

March 17, 2023

Dear RU Families,

For some reason March often feels like the longest month. Still there is a lot of exciting work happening at RU. This week the junior class went to St Michael's College to attend a college and career workshop hosted by VSAC. Also, juniors were able to take the ASVAB test on Friday morning.

We are beginning to see spring clothing come out. Please be sure to have a conversation with your student about the clothing that is appropriate for school. Additionally, we are seeing more vape and other substance use at school. To be clear, no one under 21 is expected to be in possession of substances or related paraphernalia including lighters, and it is illegal for anyone, whether of age or not, to be in possession of or use substances on the campus of a public school. Our policy dictates that substances and items that are used to consume those substances must be handed over to the police. At this time we are working with Vermont State Police to address these issues. We have a number of resources at RU to support students in cessation efforts, we have also been partnering with Gifford Healthcare to ensure that we are offering adequate support for students who need it. Please reach out if you would like to discuss this matter or need greater support for your student.

We are so looking forward to the semi-formal this evening. Students really struggled through the pandemic to experience middle and high school in the ways that they have imagined. These rites of passage are an important part of developing a sense of belonging and connection, and we love seeing students happy to come to school and connect in person with friends and staff. Look for pictures from the semi-formal next week!

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Caty Sutton & Lisa Floyd, Co-Principals