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Special Notice: Dear OSSD Athletic Community,
Like most of the country, the district is being impacted by the current Omicron surge. 

Please read our latest Athletics COVID protocol regarding return to participation following a positive COVID test: 

RTP Policy - Jan. 17

Also under the current guidelines:

  • Unvaccinated and vaccinated students must not have any symptoms related to COVID.
  • Unvaccinated students must participate in the Test to Stay program and test negative each morning (for five days).
  • Vaccinated students who have not had a scheduled booster shot (6 months for Pfizer and Moderna, 2 months for Jansen) must follow the same rules as the unvaccinated.
  • Masks must be worn by these students at all times inside and when in close contact with others outside.
  • Coaches will have the final say on team practices as long as the above requirements are met.  More information will come directly from the athletic department and team coaches.

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Bowling Team Update - by Sheyenne Miller

RUHS Varsity Bowling Crossed State Lines For First Match of 2022

After a two-week hiatus for the holiday season, this past Saturday, January 8th, 2022, the Randolph Union High School (RUHS) Galloping Ghosts Varsity Bowling team headed across state lines for their second match of the regular season at Maple Lanes in Claremont, NH. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, the Ghosts were down a couple of players and only had seven players competing in the match, with six of them counting their scores towards the total team score. Those team members were Seniors: Howard Stockwell and Skyler Gendron, Junior: Blake Bliss. Sophomore: Madison Olmstead, Freshman Avery Stockwell, 8th grader Leah Rogers and 7th grader Grace Stockwell. In the first match of the new year, the Ghosts rolled off against the host team Yellow Jackets of Windsor High School and the Colonels of Brattleboro Union High School.

Like the previous two matches this season, there were two portions of the game (qualifying and baker). In the qualifying round, H. Stockwell rolled two games with 216 & 208, and S. Gendron rolled two games with 148 & 100. Bliss rolled two games with scores of 163 & 198; Olmstead rolled two games with scores of 79 & 97; A. Stockwell rolled two games with 181 & 147. Rogers rolled two games with scores of 132 & 153, G. Stockwell rolled two games of 156 & 118. The overall team score for qualifying was 1,593, which earned the Ghosts 2nd place, seeding behind the Yellow Jackets, with an overall team score of 1,625. The Colonels seeded 3rd with an overall team score of 1,224. Patrick Kelly, a senior for the Yellow Jackets, had an impressive second game with 279. Kelly had the front nine strikes and had an unlucky break in the pins on his first roll of the tenth frame when all but one pin fell. Although it was disappointing for Kelly not to get the strike, he finished his game with a spare and a strike for his final two shots.

During the preliminary round, the Colonel and Ghosts rolled against each other to see who would proceed against the Yellow Jackets. The first head-to-head game between the Ghosts and Colonels was close for most of the game; however, the Ghosts had more marks (strikes and spares) to push them ahead to victory with a score of 169 versus the Colonels 142. That close victory gave the Ghosts enough steam to go on in their next game with a score of 192 compared to the Colonels 126. That win clinched the Ghosts the spot in the Finals against the Yellow Jackets. The Ghosts had been struggling all day and the struggle, unfortunately, continued while rolling against the Slaters. The Ghosts won their first game against the Yellow Jackets 138-124. However, they lost the next two games against the Yellow Jackets with 139-200 & 148-164, respectively.

About RU Athletics
Athletics are an important component of the RUHS experience and its athletic programs are designed to help students develop sportsmanship, school spirit, and good physical health. Because of the wide range of athletic programs offered at the school, students are provided with the opportunity to work towards excellence in several areas of athletic interest. RUHS athletes play in the Northern Vermont Athletic Conference.

RUHS offers varsity and junior varsity boys’ and girls’ athletic clubs, as well as programs geared to students at the junior high school level. Among the programs we currently offer are:

Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer
Girls’ Varsity Soccer
Junior High Boys’ Soccer
Junior High Girls’ Soccer
Varsity Boys' Cross Country
Varsity Girls' Cross Country
Junior High Boys Cross Country
Junior High Girls' Cross Country
Varsity Girls’ Volleyball
Bass Fishing (co-ed)

Boys’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
Junior High Boys’ Basketball
Junior High Girls’ Basketball
Boys' Varsity Ice Hockey (cooperative with Northfield)
Varsity Girls' Ice Hockey (member to member with Harwood)
Varsity Gymnastics (co-ed)
Junior High Gymnastics (co-ed)
Varsity Wrestling (co-ed)
Junior High Wrestling (co-ed)
Varsity Bowling (co-ed)
Junior High Bowling (co-ed)
Nordic Skiing (co-ed, club)

Boys’ Varsity Baseball
Junior High Boys’ Baseball
Girls’ Varsity and Junior Varsity Softball
Junior High Girls’ Softball
Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse
Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse (member-to-member with U-32)
Junior High Boys’ Lacrosse
Varsity Boys' Track & Field
Varsity Girls' Track & Field
Junior High Boys' Track & Field
Junior High Girls' Track & Field