Food For Thought

Food For Thought

food for thought participantsFood for Thought is an effort by the RUHS community and its partners to address and raise awareness of food insecurity, its impact on the education of students, and its challenge to the well-being of the greater Randolph community.

Now in its 6th year, Food for Thought is working to carry its impact to a wider audience as our served population grows along with the awareness of the program not only as a school-based opportunity but also as a community resource. We currently distribute our bags of groceries to students approximately once a month with a focus on long weekends, school vacations, and other extended times away from school when families feel the pinch of food insecurity just a bit more and a bit more often.

The future of Food for Thought will continue to focus on providing “a little extra in the pantry” for students while also looking for ways to address food insecurity among their support networks as well. We hope to do this while maintaining our commitment to do so without any stigmatizing criteria (sign-ups, financial forms, or qualifying entry points). This has been made possible since Food for Thought is not part of the school budget but a program that relies on grants and community donations.

As Food for Thought looks to provide more variety and healthier options with “no questions asked," the Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) grant will allow us to do so while also strengthening community connections with the local farms and farmers that are the backbone of our rural community.

For more about our mission and history, take a moment and check out this video:

For more information about Food for Thought, or to learn how you can get involved,c ontact Jason D. Finley & Colin Andrzejcyk at Randolph Union High School.