OSSD Governance & Function

OSSD Governance & Function

The Orange Southwest School District board represents, and works on behalf of, the residents of Randolph, Braintree, and Brookfield, Vermont; making all of the governing and educational policy decisions for the Randolph Elementary School, Braintree Elementary School, Brookfield Elementary School, Randolph Union High School, and Orange Southwest School District. (The Randolph Technical Career Center is represented by an advisory board, which makes recommendations to the OSSD board).

To view or download our Governance Policies and Prodecures, click here:

OSSD Governance Policies

Our Mission

Developing Habits of Mind, Heart and Work - At the OSSU, our mission is simple: Students will have the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be prepared for the next stages of their lives; which justify the resources invested by the community. Further, our core focus is on the following:

Through critical thinking: Students will creatively apply experience and critical analysis to solve problems and make informed decisions.

Through knowledge: Students will possess a comprehensive knowledge of a core curriculum in the following areas: Reading, writing, and communication; Mathematics; Science; Social Studies; Life Skills; and the Arts.

Through resiliency: Students will learn to adapt to and embrace change.

Through the use of technology: Students will use and apply information and technology appropriately, effectively, and objectively.

Our Role

Ensuring Organizational Performance - The role of the School Board is to oversee and ensure organizational performance. We accomplish this work by maintaining a connection with you, our constituents, and the superintendent we’ve hired to administer our schools.

As part of this work, we hold regular, special, and when necessary, emergency meetings where we establish our goals, accomplish our work, and share our successes. As a resident of our district, you are welcome to attend these meetings. Our meeting schedule is posted elsewhere on this web site.

At our meetings, we monitor the superintendent’s efforts at meeting the mission and goals (a.k.a. our "ends") of the district. This takes the form of reports from various administrators and staff on their progress towards achieving those ends. In addition, the Board also monitors the superintendent’s management of money, assets, personnel, students, and parents to ensure that he/she is in compliance with our board policies which can be found in the menu bar to the left.

One of the Board's missions is to connect and communicate with you, our constituents, in order
to inform you of our progress towards our goals. From time to time, the Board may also seek input from you to revisit our end goals to make sure that they are still appropriate for our district. Finally, the Board is involved with our legislators and state-wide educational groups to advocate for education in the state and to understand the impact legislation will have on our schools.

Our Process

Encouraging Public Participation - We are committed to maintaining a professional and respectful environment. People who may participate in our meetings include residents, staff members, students, parents, and others at the invitation and discretion of the board.

The Board sets aside time for public comment at the beginning of each scheduled meeting. In some cases, a time limit may be placed on how long or many times a participant may speak on a particular issue. In addition, the chair will ask for comments on agenda items before action is taken by the board. If there is insufficient time to hear everyone's comments, board action may be tabled to a future meeting in order that all may be heard.

Every effort will be made to hear all comments appropriate to an issue, but the chair may rule out of order any comments that breach the privacy or rights of students, parents, or school employees; or that does not comply with board policy on complaints.

We appreciate your interest in our school system; we encourage your attendance at board meetings; and we thank you for familiarizing yourself with and respecting our policies and procedures.