About Raven

About Raven

raven 2ravenWelcome to RAVEN -
Randolph Area Vocational Educational Network.
RAVEN is a state-certified technical exploratory program serving students from seven different school districts. (The same districts served by the Randolph Technical Career Center.)
RAVEN is designed as a self contained, two year, pre-technical program geared to non-traditional students who have exhausted all other options at their home schools.  Through RAVEN, students have the opportunity to maximize their exposure to, and training in, a range of technical areas, as well as the opportunity to hone their academic skills.
Our Honor Code:
"I will not cheat, lie, or steal.  I will respect the rights and well-being of myself and others."
Program Vision
RAVEN will help students develop a healthy attitude toward their community and themselves  as a means to becoming successful in life. At RAVEN, students gain success through real-life opportunities that are integrated into the daily program activities. RAVEN’s vision is that students will participate fully, experience success, and develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become positive, contributing members of society.
Program Goals

  • Students will master appropriate entry-level skills for their technical program of choice
  • Students will receive instruction individually or in small groups with licensed, qualified teachers.
  • Students will focus on activities and programs that they plan to pursue at the Randolph Technical Career Center.

Student Profile
Students who enter RAVEN are age appropriate, and receive credit for 9th and 10th grade.  (There are occasions when students may be admitted earlier or remain in the program longer based on home school recommendations and acceptance by Raven staff).
Typical characteristics of a RAVEN student include:

  • May be at risk for dropping out of high school
  • Has exhausted other options at their home school
  • May exhibit oppositional, defiant, or withdrawal behavior
  • May be isolated from peers and positive community activities
  • May have a low self image
  • Is receptive/open to attending the program
  • Would benefit from a change of school environment.


  • All students have a right to learn. No one will interfere with another’s right to do so.
  • Bullying/harassing will not be tolerated.
  • Students will be respectful at all times to peers and teachers
  • Students will use appropriate language in all building areas
  • Safety is extremely important
  • Students will wear appropriate clothing, including safety glasses, in the shop areas.
  • Students will respect others personal space
  • Cell phone use is not permitted during the school day, except at lunchtime. (Students may as to use the phone in the teachers’ office

To learn more about RAVEN, the application process, and whether Raven is right for your student, contact Jim Barry at 802-728-9230, or via email at jbarry@orangesouthwest.org