Meet James Weselcouch

james weselcouch and friend
Introducing James Weselcouch, the new music teacher at Brookfield and Braintree Elementary Schools.

Originally from East Haddam, Connecticut, James used to spend vacations in Vermont back when he was a kid. It made an impression on him, even at that early age, so following his graduation from Salve Regina University down in Newport, Rhode Island - with a degree in Music Education - he decided to look for a job up here. 

“I originally stayed at our family cabin while I commuted to my first music-related job in Rutland,” he said. “Since moving up here, however, I have taught music in Rutland and nearby Poultney, and most recently, at Barre City Elementary School. I was very pleased when the position opened up in Braintree and Brookfield.”

“I enjoy working with kids,” he said, “and used to coach a kids sports camp during the summers. Elementary students are an especially fun age group to with with because they are so full of curiosity, discovery, and enthusiasm.”

“As for my philosophy of teaching, I believe that music is something that anyone can learn. My hope is to help kids find and develop an appreciation for music, as well as create a space where they can feel comfortable and confident expressing themselves.  My favorite part of teaching - what I’m really looking forward to - is helping them make music together and/or teaching them how to play their first instrument.”

When he’s not in the classroom, James is an avid runner and disc golfer, and a big Red Sox fan.