Titanic - The Musical Premiers April 12

Student in costume for Titanic
Titanic Show poster

Randolph Union’s Encore Theater Company is about to unveil a spring production unlike any other in their more than sixty year history - as "Titanic: The Musical" emerges from post-production. 

Created by more than two dozen actors drawn from current students, alumni, and members of the community, this spring’s production explores immigration, aspiration, technology, and hubris through the lens of actual passengers and crew who were aboard the ill-fated maiden voyage of the “unsinkable” Titanic.  

The performance is a collaboration of RU's longtime artistic and music directors, BC Rainville and Jennifer Moore - with support from Mat Eisenstein, Titanic's Original Broadway pianist. Very special thanks also go to our audio-engineer, Vincent Freeman of Randolph's Underground Studio; and to the Shelburne Museum, which generously made the decks and interiors of their 1906 steamship Ticonderoga available for publicity photos.

Randolph Union refused to shutter its theater program during the pandemic, instead adapting to a much changed reality with a 1930's radio show in October and by pioneering a new type of performance with their audio-only production of "Titanic: The Musical" coming this April 12. 

Concord Theatricals, which is rooted in the 19th century, has consistently advocated and enabled youth theater.  Please “come aboard” and enjoy this year’s special and outstanding musical.

For access to the audio, visit the Box Office here: Titanic Box Office

View the Show Program here: Titanic Program