ETC Theater Company Presents "ANNIE"

Although Covid forced RU's beloved theater program to adapt, the lights stayed on as the troupe created virtual programming - first with a 1930's radio show and then with an audio only production of "Titanic!"

"Annie" continues that evolution, as cast and crew were joined by alumni and members of the community to create this production - as well as the 78 students who are enrolled in theater courses this semester!

"Annie" is centered on the importance of family, opportunity, and belonging - themes near and dear to Randolph's thespians. For more than six decades the theater program has provided a safe harbor - and creative outlet - for a diversity of young people. With an emphasis on collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability, problem-solving, the use of technology, and foundational knowledge in nearly every discipline RU's theater program is deeply rooted in OSSD's long-term goals for teaching and learning.

Although it was a challenge to rehearse - and record - a musical while wearing masks - the benefits of a thriving theater program are undeniable. Here is a community of engaged, adventurous learners demonstrating profound resilience.