OSSD Students Excel

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OSSD Student Scores Show Improvement

Some real data.  Most of this was presented at an open forum last June and at October’s School Board meeting.

In terms of RUHS's AP scores: 38% of students achieved a three or higher.
·       In computer science (new course) 55% achieved a three or higher.
·       In Language and Composition 53% achieved a three or higher.
·       In World History 100% achieved a three or higher.
·       In US history 20% achieved a three or higher.

Unlike most schools, we have no prerequisites for taking AP courses – all students are welcome.

In Terms of SBAC which the state has discontinued following last spring's testing.
·       In 2022, Districtwide 39% of students achieved proficiency on the Mathematics SBAC.
o   This is the highest district score since SBAC began.
o   Overall, at the elementary level: scores have risen fifteen %-age points.
o   High school scores are up five %-age points
o   We are scoring better than we were before the COVID pandemic.
·       In 2022, Districtwide 50% of students achieved proficiency on the English SBAC
o   This is the district’s second highest score since SBAC began.
o   The high school and elementary are both performing about equally.
o   We are already scoring at or above our pre-COVID levels.

We are not where we want to be, but despite the three years of interruption caused by COVID, we have improved our standings due to the creation of a curriculum team and the hard work of our teachers during the most difficult time in recent history.  We maintained or improved, while the country and the state saw declines.

Some of the work done to improve our programming over the past five years.
·       Free full-day preschool for all four-year-olds.
·       We are currently expanding preschool programming for three-year-olds.
·       A robust K-12 STEM and science program has been built that is evolving into a STEM academy.
·       A full-fledged curriculum team, which took three years of budget cycles to create, is now in place to drive academic achievement across every area of the Board’s Ends – 90% of this year’s professional development time has been dedicated to this work.
·       The district has acquired and implemented a robust system of nationally recognized internal assessments to provide feedback to teachers on how their students are doing in real time so they can adjust instruction if student performance is not up to par.
·       The district has revamped its service delivery model in terms of elementary special education and that work includes a dedicated professional development program for all special education staff that has never existed before in the OSSD.
·       The district has developed and expanded a robust support system for all students that includes:
o   Mental health and behavioral intervention
o   After school programming, including free to families academic tutoring
o   Summer academic programming
o   Tiered academic support
·       The district is working to expand its AP programing and is exploring the International Baccalaureate program to support advanced learners.
·       The district has revamped its evaluation system to better tie staff goals to the district’s academic mission.

As a final data point, the district annually brings in more than $360,000 in tuition funds from folks who choose to attend our schools from other districts and that number has been growing: in 2021-22 that amount was over $465,000.

My sincerest thanks goes out to our dedicated staff, who helped carry the district through the most difficult three years in our recent history.  They are to be commended for their incredible work during the most troubled of times.

Layne Millington, Superintendent