COVID-19 Return to School Protocols

COVID-19 Return to School Protocols

Return to School Protocols
Over the past year, much work has been done to help ensure a safe and healthy school environment for our students, teachers, administration, and aides.

While we are excited to return to in-person learning, things will look a little different than they were prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. The following document will review the processes and procedures (a.k.a. protocols) we will be following to keep everyone safe. Please take a few minutes to read through this document, as it contains important information related to your child's learning.

OSSD Covid 19 Protocols 2020 Revised 11.16.20

The following topics, covered in the above publication, are also available here:

General Healthcare Protocols

Buses and Transportation

Facilities and Buildings

Food Service

Counseling and Socia-Emotional Services

Health, Safety and Sanitation


Full In-Person Instruction

In the event the decision is made to return to remote learning, we will follow the protocols outlined in the following document:  Remote Learning Plan