VT Army National Guard brings robotics to RU


On June 15th RUHS was visited by a sophisticated military robot. CPT James Fox of the Vermont Army National Guard brought a robot that had been used in active duty overseas; the robot supports civilian authorities in the assessment and disposal of hazards in situations where it might not be safe to send in people. 

RUHS students learned about the robot’s capabilities and also took turns driving it through a series of challenges.

At one point, the RUHS robotics team brought out one of its robots, the VEX V5, for some friendly interaction with the military robot.  While our Vex robots are capable and sophisticated in themselves, it was clear at a glance that the National Guard robot was something on a different order of magnitude.
Nonetheless, the two robots gave each other a mechanical fist bump.

This visit is in part a demonstration of the important ways that our students’ engagement in STEM pursuits can lead to life changing careers.

RU Robotics Team "Warms Up" in NH

Courtesy of The Herald, April 14, 2022

Robotics Students


On April 9, the Randolph Union Robotics team traveled to the “Warm up to Worlds Scrimmage” in Pembroke, N.H., where they formed alliances to enter two-

team versus two-team matches. By the end of qualifying rounds, the Randolph Union team was ranked fifth out of the 17 teams present.

“This is an impressive feat considering that many of the teams participating are heading to the world championships in Texas in May 2022,” said Coach Timothy Moynihan. “After the qualifying matches, teams chose an alliance partner to be their alliance for all of the elimination rounds. Randolph Union Robotics chose wisely and with their alliance, made it to the semifinals before being eliminated.”

After it was all over, Moynihan said, “Considering that every member of the team is a rookie this year, I consider this a huge success! The team made significant improvements to their robot’s hardware and programming over the season and their hard work has clearly paid off.”

The Vex Robotics Competition changes the game every year to keep it fresh and challenging. The team plans to start on next year’s challenge as soon as it is announced. The team’s roster includes Coilin Becker, Jack Blomquist, Mason Evans, Tristan Gottshall, Victor Helberg, Ryan Millington, and Antonio Reyes.