Senior Project

Senior Project

Welcome to Senior Project.

With the unexpected advent of COVID-19 and distance learning, the regular rules and processes for this exciting, end-of-the-year tradition have been changed to reflect the new circumstances under which we are all living.

For the 2020-21 Sr. Project Manual, including dates and timelines, click here:

Sr. Project Manual

Please als read this update from Caty Sutton, Head of the Upper School and Senior Project Director.

Sr. Project Update

In case you missed out on last year's Senior Projects, you'll find them below.

Emmalise Blanchard-Rooney - Hiking the Long Trail
Becky Johnson - Learning How to Make a Quilt
Dylan Patton - Knitting
Sarah Garvin - The Benefits of Exercise and Nutrition
Serena Hanrahan - Cake Decorating
Sara Rea - Fighting Against Hunger
Grace Wiggett - Building a Bedside Table
Nichole Pappas - A Story of Singing and Understanding
Iris Olmstead - How to Conduct an Ensemble
Natalie Strand - Songwriting and Recording
Hattie Russell - Dog Training
Samantha Pickett - The Stress of Saving a Life
Willem Ring - The Art of Photography
Riley Bashaw - Building a Custom Water Cooled Computer
Erik Millington - FPS/RTS Hybrid: Return to Earth (Video Game)
Bailey Hanrahan - American Sign Language
Krista Sargent - Learning Arabic
Kaylee Thayer - Families Allowed in the Emergency Room
Athena Tabor - Informing People About Reusable Menstrual Products