summer school studentWelcome to Summer School 2022

Summer School at OSSD is underway...but it sure doesn't feel like school.

Everyone is having a great time learning new concepts, making new friends, and sharpening their academic prowess. 

Check out our photo page to see the fun for yourself.

Then take a look at some of the videos below to learn more about what we're doing.

summer school fun

Our new Assistant Superintendent (and former Braintree Principal Heather Lawler) explains how the program got started, what it's all about, and what we're doing to make sure we can keep the program going into the future. 

She share's her thoughts on the program here:

heather lawler

OK, so who's that guy with the big smile and his arms folded?

That's Lance Madzey, RTCC's Digital Film Instructor. He'll tell you a little bit about the summer school program, and why kids are having so much fun!  (But seriously, how do you NOT have fun with a guy who can turn an ordinary day into a feature film?)


In this video, students got to meet with a writer from the Cartoon Network. I mean, how cool is that?

image of digital film

And in these videos, you can see some of the activities that are takling place. We know it sounds crazy, but this is one school "semester" that nobody wants to see come to a close!

summer school student


screen shot


summer school kids